More than a story of success, this is a story of a great beginning.

It started with Met Tathione: created to answer a real need in the Filipino market. From the founders' experience, they saw that women needed healthy beauty products with dramatic results. More so, they felt there was no local product for women with the highest standards for quality. They then partnered with marketing experts, who came on board to really push the brand and share the passion for beauty into the Filipino Market. With their combined efforts, these passionate women helped the company grow to the Met we know now.

As it happens, only women know what women want. And so they decided to continue to develop products that fit the level of excellence she expected as a consumer. They intended to be the force behind the movement of creating a new generation of beauty products that exceed the industry standard. And from then on, they acted like it.

Ingredients and suppliers were carefully selected, procedures were meticulously checked, and processes extensively studied. Their passion for beauty and wellness shaped their instincts. And their standards for product quality remained top-notch. As setbacks urged them to take the easy way out, they maintained headstrong, compelled by ego and obsession, to keep doing what they intended to do in the manner they wanted to, no matter how difficult.

Since the company White Beauty Phils. Co. was founded in 2002, it has progressed and merged with the Ivi brand to become Ivi Ryo Corporation. And so within a decade, their collective efforts created the corporation that now makes the top brand in the glutathione market today.



While the Met Tathione brand of excellence and consistency is rooted from our quality products, the success of the Ivi Ryo Corporation comes from the work of these driven individuals.

2002: Vanessa Ongsiako-Patillas founded White Beauty Trading Phils. with the creation of their flagship product Met Tathione.

2003: The equally passionate Lorelie Ramos-Espiritu became a partner of the company.

2006: White Beauty Trading Phils. changed its name to White Beauty Corporation.

2013: The company merged the Met Tathione brand with the Ivi Premium Collagen brand under Ivi Ryo Corporation. Met Tathione was re-launched this year with a new & improved formulation and a whole new look.

2014: Met Tathione launched additions to the topical whitening line, the MET Tathione Whitening Lotion and MET Tathione Whitening Facial Wash.


When premium-grade reduced glutathione is reinforced with imported new ingredient Algatrium®, it can only be MeT Tathione. It is an anti-oxidant dietary supplement with health and cosmetic benefits. With its recent product innovation, the patented anti-oxidant Algatrium®, Met gas been prroven to be three times more effective. That is, in both its health and cosmetic properties.


We seek perfection in our products so we have patterned the way we work in doing so. Aided by the passion to distribute the highest quality products to our consumers, wee have sought the expertise of our partners abroad. Met Tathione is meticulously formulated & produced in Japan and is especially made for Asian skin.

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